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The Anon M2 is a nice goggle with a unique lens interchange system. The google uses magnets to hold the lens to the frame. It’s a really cool idea that leads to some easy lens changes, but we’re not entirely sold on this system because it seems too easy to lose a lens. Still it’s worth checking out the Anon M2.

Optics: The Anon M2 has a large field of view and good clarity. The spherical lens shape works well with the eye, and allows for a more natural view. The lens quality is pretty spot on with Smith or Oakley, and the tints work well with a variety of conditions.

Fit: The Anon M2 fits well, but does feel a bit more for larger faces. I kind of feel that way with a lot of the spherical goggles, but the Anon M2 still seems a bit on the large side. The nice thing is that the field of view is really large. Overall the fit is comfortable. The frame tends to wrap around the face well, and I never felt like my face was being squished.

Ventilation: The M2 has great ventilation and a good anti-fog coating. The fleece surrounding the google is supposed to allow for better temperature control. I did find that I never got overheated, but then again I wasn’t skiing in super warm temps either. Still, I feel like the Anon M2 has very good ventilation, and definitely on par with the I/O.

Final Thoughts: The Anon M2 is a great goggle with an interesting lens changing system. I think the magnets are a really cool idea, and it’s definitely the easiest goggle to change a lens on that I’ve ever used. However, the magnets make me a little nervous. I really don’t want my lens to fall off if I crash wrong, or hit my goggles on something.  Still, I think the Anon M2 is worth taking a look at. It has high end optics and ventilation and a fit that feel comfortable and secure.

List Price US $239
Anon M2 Ski Accessory Review

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