About ABetterSki

abetterski.com is much more than just a review site. We try and offer in depth reviews and buying advice for all the gear that we test. Our mission is to make sure that our readers can find exactly what their looking for in new gear. In addition to all reviews we provide gear specs, company information, images, and price comparisons from many online retailers. A Better Ski is a complete buying experience that makes it easy for readers to find what suits them best for the type of skier they are.

At ABetterSki we take an unbiased look at all the gear that we ride. We are not professional skiers, nor are we experts in all areas of the mountain. We are simply passionate skiers that do this because we love it. We have a lot of knowledge about the sport, and we like to think we are pretty good riders. We understand that not everyone can ski like Bode Miller, and not everyone enjoys the park or backcountry. When testing gear we try and view the gear from the perspective of skiers from all ability levels and styles. We know what the average skier thinks about, because we have been there ourselves. We like to spend as much time on the gear as possible so that we can really understand how it performs. Sometimes we know what we do and don’t like about gear after a few runs, but other times it takes a full day or even many days on the gear to truly appreciate it.   In addition, we try and take the gear on as varied terrain as possible to see how it performs on every part of the mountain. To do this, we go to on snow demos, borrow gear, rent it, and sometimes even buy it (If we can afford it). We try and keep as little gear as possible so we don’t get tempted to write unbiased reviews. However, if there is gear that really blows our minds (ABetterSki Favorite) we use that gear as a standard to compare similar gear to.

Obviously we are not perfect, and every review is based on our opinion with that particular gear. You may not have the same experience, but we hope that the information we give you at least helps in your search for new gear.