ABetterSki Favorite is the piece of gear we liked the most out of what we tested. This doesn’t mean that the other gear wasn’t good, just that the favorite was, in our opinion, better for our preference. It’s not really a rank of  “The Best”,  it’s just about what we, average riders, preferred.

We have favorite skis, boots, bindings, and outerwear. If something makes our favorite list we like to have it in our line up for 2 reasons.

1. To use it when trying new gear. For example we like to take out a “ABetterSki Favorite” boot to review a new pair of skis since we already know how the boot performs, and gives us a good starting point for how the ski might perform. If we always tried different boots with different skis, we might not be able to tell what was causing issues, or what we really liked.

2. To use it as a standard to compare similar gear we are reviewing. When I get a new powder ski to test, I’ll take my favorite powder ski with me and compare the two side by side. The favorite is a favorite because we believe it’s the best in the category. Comparing the two side by side gives us a good idea of how well the other ski stacks up. Sometimes we find new favorites along the way.

When something makes ABetterSki Favorite list we often ask the manufacturers for it. If they don’t give it to us it doesn’t change the “Favorite” rating.  A Better Ski doesn’t have all the favorites in our quiver but we try to have at least one for every category.