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Sportube Series 2 2016 Review by A Better Ski

Sportube Series 2 Hard Sided Ski Case Review


-Sportube does supply straps and brake retainers to make it easier to shove into the tube, we just forgot to use them-


Overview:  Hard sided cases are going to give you the best protection for your skis weather traveling by plane, train, or automobile. The Sportube Series 2 is made with a high density Polyethylene plastic, giving you the peace of mind to know that your gear will be protected when traveling to your destination, no matter how you’re getting there.

Capacity: The Sportube Series 2 is the step up in size from the Series 1 and will hold up to two traditional alpine skis and poles. Like the Series 1, the 2 is adjustable from 122cm to 212cm, ensuring that you can fit your shortest park skis or your longest race skis. The Series 2 is 280mm wide and 152mm tall, giving you the ability to carry narrow carving skis, or wide powder skis. We found the series two to be roomier and easier to use than the Series 1, and we had no trouble getting two pairs of skis inside. Sportube does supply Velcro straps to keep the skis together, as well as rubber brake retainers. Using these will make it much easier to get skis in and out, and will help your gear from moving once inside the tube.

Features: The main feature of the Sportube Series 2 is the hard plastic shell, but of course protection is only half the story. The Series 2 has several great features to help make the case more usable and friendly. Two plastic handles on the outside allow you to pick up the case easily, but with two pairs of skis the case can be quite heavy and awkward to use. Sportube helps by placing wheels on the bottom of the case and an easy pull handle on the other end. This allows you to wheel the case around rather than have to carry it everywhere. Built in “hitchin” tech allows you to attach your Sportube boot bag to the outside and wheel the entire system around. Internal padding on both ends help to ensure your skis don’t get damaged when placing them on either end, and internal Velcro straps help to make sure your gear doesn’t move inside the case. The adjustment points are also lockable, ensuring security while traveling, and ensuring the case doesn’t extend on its own.

Bottom Line: The Sportube Series 2 will provide solid protection for two pairs of skis and poles. It’s roomier than the Series 1, and seems a bit easier to get skis in and out. Being 152mm in height, it didn’t seem to have the same issues with bindings with risers/demo bindings as the Series 1 did. This would be my choice for every time I go to the mountain and can’t decide which pair of skis I want to ski that day.

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